10 January 2009 - 13:34Goal for 2009? Roll My Own Fellowship

I have been in hibernation for a while.  No writing, no reading, no posting, just dealing with a really draining situation at the Day Job, which I believe I have now put behind me.  More or less.  I hope.

One thing I have realized, as I found myself drowning in crap, is that to get a fellowship (you know, that big goal I talked about last year?  Winning a Nicholl Fellowship?) you pretty much have to already have a fellowship. That is, you need the time and mindspace to really concentrate on your writing.  And a week or two ain’t gonna do it.

Due to the fact that I am very good at managing my money, and that I live very frugally in a state that has been depressed for so long that the cost of living is minimal, and because I’ve been lucky, I should be able to swing an unpaid leave over the summer.  (That’s the advantage of working in education. Most colleges are more than willing to forego your services over summer. It’s also a disadvantage of working in education.)

But even before summer comes along, my work life has improved to the point that I can resume my writing-related activities now.  And I intend to do so.

One way to get your productivity up is to post your progress publicly.  This is the theory behind Novel Dares and things like NaNoWriMo.  So expect me to post more often for a while.  Not only goals and updates, but postings about process and about financial matters and about whipping life into shape so you can get on with the story.

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