8 May 2008 - 10:06Making Choices

I got a new script off to the Nicholl, but unfortunately, I didn’t get a rewrite of an older one.  (That script has had two near misses in past years, and I finally figured out how to fix that slow spot in the second act.  But alas, I did not have time.)

Now the goal is to get on to next year’s Nicholl.  I think (and I may be optimistic here) that I can get three more scripts done by next year’s deadline, even with all the kerfuffle that continues in my life.  So….

Of the seven active projects I have lined up, which do I do next?

I weighed them by various factors - how far along they are, how much fun they would be  (and therefore easy to get into), how much Nicholl-esque prestige they could generate….

And then I went to a random choice generator on the web, and typed them all in, and it picked one.

Luckily, it picked the one I thought was best.  Maybe not my best Nicholl prospect, but something I’ve already done a lot of work on, and should be fast to write.  (Plus, though it is not big and commercial, it is very small, contained and cheap to produce.)

A friend of mine always recommends flipping a coin or using a magic eight-ball to make decisions.  She points out that as soon as you see the result, you know the real answer — even if the coin flip is wrong.  You either say “That’s right!” or you say “Uhhh…..Let’s try two out of three.”  By your own reaction, you know the real answer.

Check out the random choice generator here.

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